We are the Modern Gypsies

Our mission is to start a unique movement, which inspires individuals to explore both themselves and the world around them, awakening the compassionate adventurer in us all. The Modern Gypsies raise awareness, generate funds and work to not only expose, but address the many challenges faced by the impoverished world.

Meet the Modern Gypsies

How the Modern Gypsies formed: Traveling is more than just an adventure... it's also about giving back. Traveling with compassion is one of the Modern Gypsies' core values. We are more than just wanderers, we are inspiring individuals to explore themselves and the world around them while making a difference.

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Compassionate Adventures Travel to Africa

The Gypsies are back at it again. On this adventure the trio will be riding motorcycles across Kenya to help bring clean burning stoves and medical supplies to rural villages.

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Taylor Stitch – Chronicles of Adventure

Over the past few weeks we’ve become great friends with our buddies at Taylor Stitch. They naturally have a gypsy mentality, as they are all adventurers and philanthropists themselves. We’ve worn their rugged clothing on countless journeys and have always been thoroughly impressed with the quality craftsmanship. So, naturally when they approached us to do […]

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