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Meet the Gypsies

Eric Bach

Growing up in between Maine and Florida, I was a mountain man at heart, but perfectly fine with being a beach bum.

Eric Bach
San Francisco, CA

My dad was from South Africa and my mom spoke French to us at the dinner table. This combination, along with moving around quite a bit as a kid, instilled the gypsy spirit within.

I met John as a student at Florida State University, where I graduated with a BS in Communication Studies. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to “be” in life, so I embarked on an adventure that both shaped and defined the man I am today.

Through three and a half years of traveling the world, I felt that I finally had received my real education. I made my way from bartending on the beaches of Greece, hitch hiking my way through Europe, shredding the slopes of British Columbia, livingin a derelict apartment in New Zealand, lifeguarded in Bondi Beach, Australia, and eventually surfed and volunteered my way around Southeast Asia, Nepal and India.

Through these experiences I developed a knack for compassionate adventure. My life had finally developed meaning and I saw the world through the eyes of the people I met. I want to give back to these communities that have affected me, as well as inspire a whole new generation of soon to be, Modern Gypsies.

Compassion is the basis of all morality.

–Arthur Schopenhauer

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