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Meet the Gypsies

John Post

Born in Baltimore, Maryland I moved to Florida as a kid and grew up surfing on Pensacola Beach.

John Post
Pensacola Beach, Fl
Coach at San Francisco CrossFit

I went to Florida State University where I earned a degree in International Business and met Eric. We started traveling during the summers and quickly got addicted. My experiences around the world are numerous and widely varied, each place teaching me a new lesson through its people and their culture. I learned freedom in Europe, to live simply in New Zealand, to love skinny jeans in Australia, and the true meaning of compassion in south east asia.

I met Taylor through Eric during a brief stint in San Diego. Inspired by our travels and the importance they played in shaping our lives, we realized a common goal. To awaken the compassionate adventurer in us all. Collectively, we’ve lived, worked, volunteered, and traveled through over 45 countries. My hope is to inspire others as others have inspired me. Live simply and appreciate every moment.

I call San Francisco home when not on adventure. You can find me coaching at San Francisco CrossFit where I help my athletes prepare to achieve their goals.

In separateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength.


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