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Feb 2014

Taylor Stitch – Chronicles of Adventure

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Over the past few weeks we’ve become great friends with our buddies at Taylor Stitch. They naturally have a gypsy mentality, as they are all adventurers and philanthropists themselves. We’ve worn their rugged clothing on countless journeys and have always been thoroughly impressed with the quality craftsmanship. So, naturally when they approached us to do […]

Dec 2013

Riders for Health

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Riders for Health ensures that health care workers have reliable transportation to access isolated villages, in which they can provide their care. It’s an important job and although riding motorcycles through the bush to reach these isolated areas sounds quite adventurous, we learned that it is damn hard work! We also learned that the Riders organization does so much more than help with simple logistics. They work to manage and maintain vehicles (not just motorcycles), for many health-focused partners across sub-saharan Africa. Their vision is to have a world where healthcare reaches everyone, everywhere.

We were blown away by the facilities in their Kenya HQ. You step into their garage and it feels like you could be at any state of the art Western mechanic. But, it is different and felt very special for the region because of it’s uniqueness. We were excited to have the opportunity to speak and learn from each staff member. We could tell that they were making positive change in this region and they were outwardly proud of their positions.

We also had the opportunity to partake in one of the motorcycle training courses. We got a bit of tough love from the instructor and quickly learned that we were most definitely NOT badasses on the bikes (this was after knocking over several dozen cones on the course). Needless to say it was entertaining (for them)..

Tell us, have you heard of Riders for Health? You might have seen them on Ewen McGregor’s “Long Way Down.” Do you know of any similar organizations?






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Nov 2013

Tribal living with the Ogiek’s

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When we were first presented with the opportunity to spend time with the Ogiek tribe, we were ecstatic (this after-all would be tribal living in it’s purest form). I also have to admit, that we were a bit apprehensive. We knew that the tribe lived in a very inaccessible area called the Mau Forest. The forest started about 2.5 hours west of Nairobi, but from there it could take another 4-6 hours just to get to the start of the village. Despite having motorbikes suitable for the “off road,” we were not prepared mentally or physically to endure the challenge. But, as with most things, despite the lack of knowledge, preparation, common-sense, etc, we just went for it. What followed was the most intense, challenging “riding” that we had ever partaken in. It had just rained, so at times there was mud up to the top of our rain boots. Gripping the front brake with white knuckle intensity was met with dramatic slides, falls and one embarrassing moment of exposure for Eric (his pants ripped in half after a large fall). After hours of this, we made it to the village.

We were welcomed with open arms and bright smiles. What followed was a whirlwind of new interesting experiences for us and a realization that the true stars here, were indeed the Ogiek’s. We learned to live off of the forest; recognize delicious fruits in the trees high above, hunt for animals we had never seen before and in a dramatic twist, attempted to learn to collect honey (something the Ogiek’s had perfected). The idea of collecting honey sounds romantic, perhaps even comedic, but after 20+ bee stings we came under the harsh realization that this was no fucking joke (you’ll get more on this subject in the upcoming series).

For many, the Ogiek’s are an unknown. Even after explaining to several Kenyans that we were going to visit them, they had no idea who they were exactly. The ones that did, knew we would be in for an adventure. In reality, the Ogiek’s are very similar to most in the country, but because of their remoteness they have been able to retain a large chunk of their culture. They do want to become more modern in the most basic sense (roads, shops, schools, hospitals, etc), and I have no doubt that this will soon become a reality. However, I hope that despite this shift, they will still venture into the forest and continue to celebrate their beautiful traditions.

Ogiak8 copy






Ogiak HoneyC


Photos are by the talented Mr. Adam Feuerman.

This post is a collaboration with the Creative Council by UGG Australia
These Men’s Boots took us on our journey.

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Nov 2013

To Hell’s Gate and back

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Well, it’s been one hell of a trip thus far! We’ve literally gone from “Hell’s Gate” and back via motorbike (don’t worry, it’s a National Park). With 2 small wrecks in the first couple of days, we’re definitely still adjusting to the bikes (you can see Taylor’s right arm wrapped in the first picture below). Fortunately we’ve been able to walk off our injuries though and continue to explore this beautiful country! We’ve been blown away by the hospitality of our friends here; especially our amigos at Riders for Health and Ezy Life Check out the pics below and leave a comment if you are as stoked as we are!

Gypsies and BikersCC

Jon,Eric,Taylor Nairobi Skyline


Hellsgate Valley



Tea Time


Blind Lady

Shoes on Wall

Jon at Shineray

Photos are by the ridiculously good looking Adam Feuerman.

This post is a collaboration with the Creative Council by UGG Australia
These Men’s Boots took us on our journey.

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