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Sep 2011

Yogurt with Erik

posted in: Buddies, Expedition Impossible, Travel, yogurt

On our trip to Boulder, CO for the finale of Expedition Impossible,
we had the chance to hang with our buddy Erik Weihenmayer from team No Limits.
Here what he has to say about Yogurt, sexy gypsies, tea, and skinny jeans.

  1. Jackie
    Sep 07, 2011

    LOL funny! Great way to capture a wonderful personality!

  2. lindsay
    Sep 07, 2011

    sexiest gypsy is a three way tie!

  3. Abby
    Sep 07, 2011

    Haha this was great. And I agree with Lindsay, the sexiest gypsy is all 3 of the gypsiess 🙂

  4. David
    Sep 08, 2011

    Oh and by the way, “you gotta stop for tea” : best metaphor I’ve heard in a while.

  5. Rob
    Sep 08, 2011

    Taylor, great editing! Skinny jeans (aka ex-girlfriends jeans) should be worn only by women with great legs.

  6. Michaelg
    Sep 08, 2011

    “Stop for tea” you need a t-shirt with that slogan.

    • Alex
      Sep 16, 2011


  7. Leo
    Sep 09, 2011

    Way funny; loved this clip!

  8. Ashley
    Sep 09, 2011

    lol I couldn’t choose who is the sexist! Awesome video!

  9. kath,Seattle
    Sep 10, 2011

    Loved the video, nice work! What fun to see more of some wonderful Guys with GREAT personalities.

  10. Judy
    Sep 10, 2011

    Love the video. All three of you are sexy! Great message about stopping for tea and enjoying the moment. It was clear during the adventure that you took time to enjoy all the scenery. All the other teams were struggling so much, but you Gypsies were like, “Wow this is so beautiful!” That what happens when you are superb athletes and in first place. You can take time to smell the roses, (or drink the Moroccan tea) and still win.

    Did you let Erik drive the Ford in the desert? That would have been a great video.

  11. Alex
    Sep 16, 2011

    They’re too skinny!

  12. Anna
    Sep 17, 2011

    that video was the best. I agree that John was the sexiest. At first I wouldn’t have stopped 4 tea but after seeing the video I will stop 4 tea. I loved the photo of Erik wearing the t-shirt and skinny jeans but I don’t care what Erik is wearing. I think he’s the best all!

  13. Anna
    Sep 24, 2011

    That shirt was quite funny
    I’d like to have yogurt with Erik sometime

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